Terms and Conditions for Registration

It is a condition of an account being opened that a personal guarantee of a director be obtained if the applicant is a company. The undersigned director agrees by signing below that he/she takes full liability for the below mentioned company and that should the below mentioned company fail to pay for any goods that he/she be personally liable for the company’s debts. You acknowledge that the ownership of goods delivered by us to you is only transferred to you when you have paid all sums owing to us on any account whatsoever and that until such time, we have the right to call for or recover the goods at our option (for which purposes our employees or agents may enter your premises) and you are obliged to deliver up the goods, if so directed by us.


Payment terms are strictly 30 days and failure to pay within these terms may incur a 10% administration fee.
This administration fee will be at the sole discretion of Sunwood Imports. Goods will NOT be supplied to overdue accounts.

New Retailer Registration